Those Turbulent Emotions

Turbulent emotions tend to feed off of each other and are those which attract attention as they are acted upon.
A self-image of worthlessness causes an individual to live in fear, which triggers the need to be in control of situations at all times. The inability to control circumstances produces frustration, fear, and anger. Anger not released appropriately, gives birth to rage and hatred.

Worry, anxiety, and fear rob the sufferer of freedom to enjoy life. Fear overpowers the choice to go out and have a good time as one waits for the next episode of despair. These emotions can get in the way of social activities and interpersonal relationships.

Feelings of worthlessness greatly influence how one interacts with peers and superiors. Low self-worth often shows itself in the way one responds to overpowering-relationships and attracts repeated abuse and disrespect from would-be bullies. A victim of repeated violence frequently becomes an offender as frustrations are turned toward weaker individuals.