How Do Emotional Wounds Affect Our Choice in a Marriage Partner?

For a person to be attracted to another person on an emotional level, they both need to be on the same plain. In other words, individuals marry someone who is equally as wounded or as healed as they are. The emotional wounds may manifest themselves in different ways, but it is still brokenness.

An individual raised by an alcoholic parent will most likely marry a person who is either an alcoholic or was raised by one, or in some cases is the grandchild of one.

Individuals are attracted to what feels like home or what feels familiar.
The couple then respond to each other through what they have learned from their parent’s relationship or what they have seen acted out.

Those who don’t make the time and effort to heal emotional wounds will carry their baggage into marriage, hoping that their new partner will be the answer to their longings.
They believe their new marriage partner will complete them. But only God can complete a person.

A person cannot begin the healing journey until he or she acknowledges and owns his or her brokenness?

Brokenness of every kind has its root cause which will need to be addressed if healing is to take place.

Saying you have dealt with a wound but not having examined the pain, is just throwing the situation under the rug.
The problem with that is, there ends up being so much junk under the rug that the person eventually trips over it and falls on his or her face.

If the person denies the extent of the damage or blames someone else, he or she will never heal.