How big is your God? Can He restore a marriage on the brink of divorce? Can He take a roaring lion and transform him into a gentle lamb? Can He rebuild a broken person so miraculously that she is now stronger than she had ever been? Can He take two broken people, bring them together and then walk them into healing? It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. It will make you angry. It will meet you where you are. You will be encouraged. You will be blessed. And you will come away knowing that, our God is without limits

Living in a broken world where offenses and hurt feelings are common place, chances are you know someone you were once close to whom you no longer associate with. Maybe it was someone you worked with or served with on a committee. Possibility it was a neighbor, close friend, parent or sibling. Perhaps it is one of your children. The very thought of the wedge between the two of you brings an ache to your heart and tears to your eyes. Yet you are at a loss to know how to fix the relationship. So you pray that God will bring about healing and change. It’s time to put prayers into action.

Take a moment and think about the word, “forgiveness”. What emotions does such an activity stir in you? Do you find it fills you with a feeling of sweet security and well-being? Your conscience is clear and you have peace knowing that nothing is held against you. Now remove the ending of the word and you are left with, “forgive”. Suddenly your emotions change as you contemplate whether, or not you are willing to let go of all the hurts you have held onto for years. Intense feelings rise-up and restrict your throat and possibly your breathing. Fear, anger, and rage fill your entire being. FORGIVE? How dare anyone suggest such a thing! Forgiveness is often the last hurdle before we enjoy our healing. We struggle with forgiving those who have hurt us because we think to forgive means to say, “I am over the pain”. Or we think to forgive means, “to let them off the hook; to let them away with it”. They don’t deserve forgiveness and we want them to suffer as much as we have. Pride or fear often gets in the way of forgiving. Crucial to forgiveness is the understanding of what it means to genuinely forgive and what it does not. MORE

How individuals feel about their self-worth determines how they will interact with peers and superiors. • Do you struggle with excessive anger or violence? • Do you have a need to control situations? • Does fear keep you from doing the things you want to do? • Are you frequently the object of peer mockery or bullying? • Do you gossip, belittle, or bully, others emotionally? • Do you involve yourself in activities which cause self-harm? These are indications that you are not happy with something about yourself or your situation. Possibly you’re not satisfied with the way God created you. Maybe you are disappointed with the family in which you were raised or with the way your life has turned out. God is a God of second chances. He knows how to heal and restore lives. MORE  

We were all created with a God shaped vacuum within our soul, longing to be filled with God Himself. If we do not fill this void with God’s love we will fill it with something else; dysfunctions, habits and dependencies which cannot satisfy. A dependency can be a person or anything we rely on to dull the pain when we are worried or are unable to face our situation. It may be:  Eating for comfort  Habitual shopping  Excessive TV or reading fiction  Clinging to a special friend  Gambling  Alcohol or drug abuse  Pornography  Or any other obsessive compulsive behavior Dependencies can also involve good activities for the wrong reasons. You may try to buy approval or acceptance through serving others, overextended work hours, excessive volunteering or too much involvement on committees at the expense of your family. The problem with getting your sense of worth from something or someone is that it will eventually enslave you. You one day come to realize that you can’t stop surrendering to the dependency. It has mastered you and becomes a necessity for your mental survival. As a result, you begin to hate what you once loved since you no longer have control over it. MORE

Deep emotions are those which are imbedded in your character and may only be discerned by your closest friends or family. They are the ones that bother you when you are alone or trying to sleep. They prickle away at you causing you to feel less than enough of one attribute or too much of another. • Have you ever been deeply wounded? • Has someone betrayed your trust? • Do you have difficulty believing God loves you even when you turn your back on Him? • Are you over-sensitive or easily offended? • Do you have trust issues? • Does loneliness follow you? • Is pleasing everyone all of the time, top priority for you? • Do you never seem to be comfortable in your own skin? These struggles are symptoms of emotional wounds. This book was designed to help you work-through the emotions and memories that keep you bound in your isolation. Its purpose is to help you find freedom. MORE

After burning out from nine years of a difficult ministry in an Ontario Housing complex, and the deaths of my father and brother, I plummeted into the deepest, darkest pit you could imagine. As the dam, I had created to hold back my emotions came crashing down, anger, fear, depression, and loneliness engulfed me. I began to recall childhood memories that were now overshadowing my present circumstances. The only way for me to heal was to turn around and face the darkness with courage. MORE

You can understand how old wounds affect your behaviour, your relationships, and your marriage, but how do past wounds affect your relationship with God? How do you know if your spiritual life is being sabotaged? Here’s a little test. • Do you fear the future? • Do you fear not having enough? • Do you struggle with believing God loves you as a unique person even when you walk away? • Do you have difficulty feeling God’s love at your emotional level? • Do you find it an effort to spend time with Jesus, and can’t seem to grow spiritually? These struggles are symptoms of emotional wounds. It was while I was in the deepest, darkest place of depression that I cried out- • God, who are You? • God, if You love me, show me. • God, why didn’t You protect me? MORE  

Painful emotions are those which come to the surface at inconvenient times and cause embarrassment. Loss causes grief. Grief suppressed produces brokenness. Brokenness left unattended promotes depression. Depression births hopelessness. You wonder- • What is it that brought me to this place? • Where do I run to? • How do I find the words to explain something I don’t understand? • Who can I talk to who won’t think I have gone mad? If the above questions echo the ponderings of your heart, this book was written for you. Within these pages, you will find the source of help, hope, and healing. MORE

Depending on where you are on your life journey, you may find “stepping into the light,” far too distant for you to have hope. Your dark tunnel may be so overwhelming that you can’t imagine anything beyond surviving the next few hours. Be encouraged, there may be a glimmer of light just around the next bend of your pathway to healing. “Stepping into the Light” is book nine in my series of Healing Emotional Wounds. It gives a brief review of my healing journey and shares a glimpse into what it is like to have the future open up before you. Once you have reached the end of your long, dark, lonely valley and have stepped into the light, you are greeted by an assortment of choices. What do you want to do with the rest of your life? What are your passions? What are your strengths? How will you use your healing journey to help other individuals walking the same path which you have just emerged from? MORE

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